Beat the Trainers Event

Camp Shields Trainer Time to Beat: 6 min 52 sec

Visit the Camp Shields Fitness Center to setup a time with your four competitors. There must be at least one male and one female on the team. Please call the fitness center to schedule a time to compete. Or email: to schedule a time to compete or for more information. 

Provided Equipment to be used:

One 60lb sandbag


40yd sandbag lunge

40yd clean and press

40yd deadlift and rows

40yd rope waves/drag

team pallet carry

This is a team based event competing in a relay style competition of 5 legs (4 individual and 1 team). Each member must complete his/her portion of the relay before completing the final team leg of the event. This is a timed event and the set time of the MWR trainers is at the top of this page. You can try as many times as necessary to beat the trainers. You must schedule an appointment with the fitness center to make sure an employee is available to run the time clock.